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Better than what?

It’s an open-ended idea. Better than you think. Better than they think. Better than society allows them to believe. Better than whatever and whomever you can think of, including moms. I’m going to be covering it all 🙂

What qualifies me to write on the topic?

Three years ago I would have said “nothing”, which is why I’m starting now rather than three years ago. I am a man, but also at the time of writing:

  • I am pretty damn proud of how my kids are doing so far.
  • I am in the middle of my second parental leave.
  • I am professionally a software engineer, professor, manager, and researcher.
  • I clean.
  • I cook.
  • I sew.
  • I take out the garbage (why is that a thing worth mentioning?).
  • I cut hair.
  • I do gardening.
  • I cut down trees.
  • I do my own electrical work.
  • I make and fix electronics.
  • I fix cars.
  • I ride and fix motorcycles.
  • I do woodworking.
  • I do my own plumbing.
  • I install insulation and drywall.
  • I do stone and concrete work.
  • I work out.
  • I am tired of writing this list, it could be a lot longer.

The point is – I am a father of well-raised children and I did a lot of the raising myself, without becoming anything I didn’t want to become. Who’s going to dare call me a pussy after looking at the list above?

Why does this blog exist?

Because too many people (men and women alike) “know” or believe that women have some special abilities which makes them more qualified to parent, while in fact they don’t.

Someone’s got to stand up for reality, and hammer through the thick walls of stubborn stupidity. I’ll do it, since noone else has the balls.