Overlooked parenting equipment #1: ear plugs

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You think that’s a joke? Then you’re obviously not a parent. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do other than let the baby cry. There’s no way you can stop it (in fact it will get worse if you try) and there’s nowhere you can go. You need a pair of these:

They sell them next to other safety things like helmets and masks at hardware stores. My first set was just the foamy plugs which were pretty annoying cause they kept popping out no matter what I tried. These are great because (1) they’re reusable by design, (2) they have the string which means you don’t have to worry about losing them, and (3) those little handles make them much easier to insert deep into the ear.

These are seriously not optional, especially if you don’t live in a house where you can have 4 walls between you and the banshee. But even in a house those piercing shrieks are mind-numbing if you don’t muff the sound!